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Customer Lifecycle: Do your employees really understand your customers?

Customer Lifecycle LLC utilizes Employee Mirrors to help you find out.

How well do your employees know your customers? Can they accurately represent the ‘voice of your customers’? By conducting an employee ‘mirror’ study, you can find out. In an employee mirror study, employees complete the same or very similar survey as customers. They are instructed to answer the questions as they think customers will respond. If your employees are on the mark, meaning, their answers match up with how customers responded, they can accurately represent the ‘voice of the customer’ within the organization to mitigate problems before they happen. If your employees are not in synch with your customers, perceptions can vary significantly and can provide different or even contrary stories about performance.

When both employees and customers evaluate specific interactions consistently, it reflects that similar performance expectations are in effect. Similar expectations likely lead to actions between customers and employees that are reflective of mutual goals and understanding.

There are a variety of ways to conduct a mirror assessment of employee and customer perceptions. Some of these can provide the basis for actually linking perceptions between the two groups quantitatively. A quantitative link can help a company determine the specific impact that employee change can have on customer loyalty. It is a basis for prioritizing improvements and assessing the return.

For more information visit our website: www.customerlifecycle.us

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