Leverage mobile technology to gain growth direction at each stage of the Consumer/Product Journey

Consumer/Product Journey mapping helps you gain insight along the acquisition to retention continuum and identifies how this journey is influenced by different touchpoints in the various stages. Our cost-effective approach leverages a combination of two methods and will help you identify strategies for improving overall marketing and product performance.

  1. Our mobile “in-store” to “in-home” tool (WISDOM) is key in identifying consumer needs and barriers along the Consumer/Product Journey stages
  2. We also recommend leveraging an online quantitative category study to fine-tune and enhance the learnings obtained from WISDOMwisdom

WISDOM is a mobile-enabled full product experience measurement solution. We evaluate the entire product experience journey, from purchase to preparation and usage. We provide consumer shopping to usage insight that gives you the knowledge and good judgment to make decisions to help grow your brand (hence the name WISDOM).

Recruit: We recruit participants from a robust mobile panel.

  • All have a smartphone
  • All must be category buyers and users
  • Other recruitment criteria (brand usage, demographics) can be applied as needed
  • Recruitment from client database is possible

Shop: Participants are asked to go to store and buy from category.

  • It can be their regular store or we can assign a specific store
  • We can let them buy their regular brand or assign a specific brand
  • Participants document shopping experience in real-time and in-context through smartphone

Usage: Participants then go and use product.

  • They use the product as they normally would, at home or on-the go, alone or with others
  • Participants report usage experience in real-time and in-context through smartphone

Our program focuses on the following Consumer/Product journey stages and explains our approach and key insights gained at each stage.

Stage 1: Innovation/Pre-Purchase

Innovation Opportunities: As an added value, we will leverage our social media tool to obtain category conversation topics, what is hot? what is the current category buzz? Valuable information to guide in innovative opportunities for new or enhanced products offerings and key campaign message communication.

Pre-Purchase: Customized quantitative category online study designed to:

  • Understand category attitudes, product behavior and brand landscape
  • Learn which touchpoints are most influencing brand awareness, consideration, purchase and brand loyalty
  • Determine category consideration drivers, the most relevant messages to build consideration, also identify white space (tier 1 areas not owned by any brand)
  • Understand if marketing efforts are meeting needs? What ads deliver key messages, what touchpoints deliver the most reach?
  • Identify the drivers of loyalty, build commitment among users

Stage 1 Key Insights: Identify innovation and product enhancement opportunities. Evaluate and enhance current marketing efforts by better leveraging key touchpoints, enhancing marketing messages and readjusting media weight to support better performing ads.

Stage 2: Exploration/Purchase

Exploration: We ask category users to shop category and we evaluate process through smartphone.

  • What are the influencers – TV, print, digital, recommendations, social media, etc.
  • Why/where do they go – detailed questions about the process
  • In-store category experience – findability, atmosphere, shelf display (self ethnography)
  • Get a read and shelf display pictures across retail outlets

Purchase: After exploration stage, category users are asked to purchase a brand and we evaluate process through smartphone.

  • What brand they chose and why, others considered
  • Drivers of purchase – price, regular brand, coupon, etc.
  • Packaging – what brands stood out on shelf, packaging feedback, shelf placement (self ethnography)
  • POS – price paid, size purchased, etc.

Stage 2 Key Insights: Discover category influencers, thought process when purchasing category and in-store behavior. Identify why consumers purchase your brand Vs competitors, what are the opportunities to enhance purchase at the shelf, couponing, size, price, scent, etc.?

Stage 3: Product Usage

Product Usage: After purchase stage, category users are asked to purchase your brand and bring home for usage phase. The usage process is captured through smartphone (we can obtain self-ethnography/video).

  • How they transport
  • Occasion/location
  • Preparation detail, feedback on opening/dispensing
  • How they consume/use
  • Ease/convenience
  • Efficacy/Taste
  • Storage
  • And much more…

Stage 3 Key Insights: Valuable information about product, leads to opportunities for product performance enhancements. Identifies needs and areas to gain an edge over the competition.

Stage 4: Performance/Loyalty

Performance: Additional questions about product performance will be asked through smartphone.

  • Functional/emotional needs
  • Performance – expectations, alternatives, product ratings, repeat purchase, image ratings, loyalty, etc.

Loyalty: The customized quantitative category online study will also provide guidance.

  • Compare loyalty across all brands in the category, which brands are most vulnerable and represent the most opportunity to gain share
  • Examine product performance versus key loyalty drivers, pinpoints which performance areas need immediate attention

Stage 4 Key Insights: Build loyalty and improve repeat purchase. Identify user needs and barriers to retention.

wisdom chart

WISDOM can be customized for any type of product, evaluate the full product journey or just focus on a specific stage. Easily get a read about your brand regionally (test Vs control) or at specific retailers. To learn more about CJM Market Insights Consumer/Product Journey approach and other research offerings, visit http://cjmmarketinsights.com or call 914-980-4976 or send us an email: cjmmarketinsights@outlook.com.