3Q Global by MVL Group

MVL Group, a Honimichl Top 50 company, announced today the addition to their list of market research offerings with 3Q GLOBAL. Their premiere full service market research company, catering to the budget constraints of the global market research industry across all methodologies, signifies the MVL Group’s commitment to providing research solutions across the globe, regardless of project size.
Corporately based in Jupiter, Florida, Lori Weingarten, Sr. Vice President for US data collection com- pany, Quick Test Heakin, will facilitate development of 3Q GLOBAL, accompanied by Iris Blaine, Executive Director, offering innovative solutions with an outstanding level of quality both within the US and abroad.
“The world is becoming such a small place and given economic crisis upon us day in and day out, it is even more important for advertisers, manufacturers and global market research companies to under- stand the demands and driving forces of their customers, while being mindful of the budgetary re- strictions that most companies are facing. 3Q Global provides that vehicle”, says Iris Blaine.
3Q Global provides real-world solutions with clear and effective services in both qualitative and quan- titative research design, which can be tailored to meet the needs of each and every customer. Whether it be a small, medium or large research company or a “one man show” 3Q GLOBAL can be relied on as the “go to” resource.
About The MVL Group
As a Honimichl Top 50 company, The MVL Group was formed in 1998 as a holding company for market research organizations and to serve as an acquisition agent to consolidate data collection and full-service marketing research companies. The MVL Group companies provide services that encom- pass all aspects within the marketing research industry. Each organization that falls under The MVL Group operates independently of the others, but has partner access to the strengths of each. The MVL Group is the foundation for informed decision making.