Research Now Clients across North America can now gather D-U-N-S® Numbers on Business Panelists in Canada and Europe

Plano, TX – March 12, 2012 – Research Now, the leading global online sampling and data collection company, today announced that it has further developed its unique B2B screening tool, now enabling clients in North America to collect additional insight on B2B respondents in Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The tool was first launched on Research Now’s US business panel in October 2011, where SIC codes are also available, and is exclusive to Research Now among online panels.

Now with an international scope, the tool will work in conjunction with the pre-screening process to provide clients D&B D-U-N-S® Numbers on B2B respondents from Research Now’s existing B2B panels in Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. Clients can then use the D-U-N-S Number to link back to their own data, uncovering further segmentation attributes for more in-depth analysis based on the respondents’ given company or industry. If a client does not currently have the D-U-N-S Number integrated into their data, they can work with D&B to cleanse and match their data to D-U-N-S Numbers, enabling this new insight from Research Now’s tool.

“Following a successful launch in the United States and a growing demand for international insight, we are excited to offer this enhanced capability on our business panels in Canada and parts of Europe,” said Kurt Knapton, President and Chief Executive Officer of Research Now. “Working closely with D&B, we manage the only online panel now able to offer our clients this exclusive insight that allows for more informed decision-making based on multi-country B2B studies.”

Simple to implement and seamless to the survey respondent, Research Now’s product offerings consist of both a mandatory and an optional D-U-N-S® Number capture. The former method disqualifies respondents if they choose not to provide information, whereas the latter allows respondents to proceed into the survey if they choose to skip this step. Both options are currently available to clients across North America on the e-Rewards® Opinion Panel in the United States, Canada, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. More information about this service can be found online at 

About Research Now

Research Now is the leading global online sampling and online data collection company. With over 6 million panelists in 38 countries worldwide, Research Now enables companies to listen to and interact with real consumers and business decision makers in order to make key business decisions. Research Now offers a full suite of data collection services, including social media sampling, and operates the Valued Opinions™ Panel and e-Rewards® Opinion Panels. The company has a multilingual staff located in 24 offices around the globe and has been recognized for four consecutive years as the industry leader in client satisfaction. Visit to learn more.

Toluna Launches SmartSelect

(Wilton, CT)  Toluna, one of the world’s leading online research respondent and technology providers, announces the launch of SmartSelectSM,a patent-pending methodology developed to reduce the risk of conducting survey research among respondents selected by means other than probability sampling.

The SmartSelectSMmethodology enables researchers to select potential survey respondents with demographic, attitudinal, and behavioral characteristics that precisely match those of the target population of interest.  The respondents who are in turn selected provide more accurate information than respondents selected by other means.  Unlike methodologies that place limits or controls on the sources from which they might select respondents, SmartSelectSMopens the door safely to just about any potential respondent irrespective of his or her originating source.

According to George Terhanian, Toluna’s President of North America, “the SmartSelectSMmethodology is versatile and of possible interest to diverse groups worldwide, including market, government, and public opinion researchers, and various types of researchers working in academia, such as statisticians, sociologists, psychologists, and political scientists.”

John Bremer, Chief Research Officer for Toluna, added “the theoretical underpinnings of SmartSelectSMlie in a category of statistical work known as selection-bias modeling.  By developing SmartSelectSM, we are transforming theory into practice in a novel way that will engender a far deeper sense of confidence and trust in many types of online research, such as tracking studies that depend on multiple sample sources.”

Toluna presented research-on-research pertaining to SmartSelectSMat CASRO’s Online Research Conference, March 2, 2012 and will host a series of webinars with the Advertising Research Foundation (ARF) and Market Research Bulletin (MRB) in March and April.  For more information, or to register for an upcoming webinar click here.

SmartSelectSMis available to clients that run projects with US-based respondents.  The methodology will soon be available in multiple geographies.

About Toluna

Toluna enables organizations to generate valuable customer insight by combining its online market research panel and industry leading technology. Toluna provides a comprehensive proven, scalable solution that enables companies to answer questions of their target audience quickly and efficiently.

Toluna leverages a unique approach to respondent recruitment and engagement with its online ‘community’ and proprietary respondent engagement methodologies and guarantees that the data clients receive is of the highest quality.  Recently, the company launched SmartSelect™ which is a respondent-level methodology designed to ensure more representative, reliable market research data.

Further, Toluna provides the industry’s leading technology suite, enabling hundreds of market research organizations and agencies worldwide to create surveys, manage panels and build online communities.  Toluna’s products include PanelPortal™, AutomateSurvey™, QuickSurveys™.

Toluna has offices in the US, Canada, UK, France (headquarters), The Netherlands, Romania, Germany, India, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong.

3Q Global by MVL Group

MVL Group, a Honimichl Top 50 company, announced today the addition to their list of market research offerings with 3Q GLOBAL. Their premiere full service market research company, catering to the budget constraints of the global market research industry across all methodologies, signifies the MVL Group’s commitment to providing research solutions across the globe, regardless of project size.
Corporately based in Jupiter, Florida, Lori Weingarten, Sr. Vice President for US data collection com- pany, Quick Test Heakin, will facilitate development of 3Q GLOBAL, accompanied by Iris Blaine, Executive Director, offering innovative solutions with an outstanding level of quality both within the US and abroad.
“The world is becoming such a small place and given economic crisis upon us day in and day out, it is even more important for advertisers, manufacturers and global market research companies to under- stand the demands and driving forces of their customers, while being mindful of the budgetary re- strictions that most companies are facing. 3Q Global provides that vehicle”, says Iris Blaine.
3Q Global provides real-world solutions with clear and effective services in both qualitative and quan- titative research design, which can be tailored to meet the needs of each and every customer. Whether it be a small, medium or large research company or a “one man show” 3Q GLOBAL can be relied on as the “go to” resource.
About The MVL Group
As a Honimichl Top 50 company, The MVL Group was formed in 1998 as a holding company for market research organizations and to serve as an acquisition agent to consolidate data collection and full-service marketing research companies. The MVL Group companies provide services that encom- pass all aspects within the marketing research industry. Each organization that falls under The MVL Group operates independently of the others, but has partner access to the strengths of each. The MVL Group is the foundation for informed decision making.

May I Have the Envelope, Please? Six Movies Every Qualitative Researcher Can Love

Every year, movie fans pull for their favorite movie to win an Academy Award. This year, Qualvu is making its own awards – for the best movies ever made that involve some aspect of research. It’s a narrow category, admittedly, but one ripe with possibility and sure to stir debate.

So without further ado, the envelope pleasefor Movies a Researcher Could Love…

6. The Conversation. This 1974 film, nominated for Best Picture, revolved around a surveillance expert. Of course, listening to consumers is a bit removed from wire-tapping, but leveraging technology to find out what people are really thinking is a job we can all appreciate.

5. The Invisible Man. This 1933 classic tapped into a desire all researchers have: the ability to be invisible so that they can watch and listen to people in their natural element. The Invisible Man had to use a drug called monocane to achieve invisibility − which had the unfortunate side effect of driving him insane − but thanks to the advent of technology, we can do that drug (and insanity) free.

4. I Know WhatYou Did Last Summer. OK, most researchers would settle for being able to say, I Know What You Did Last Time You Shopped, but the name of this 1997 horror flick says it all. In fairness, knowing what people did usually doesn’t lead to discovering a murder, but rather, gives great insight into their attitudes and behaviors.

3. The Social Network. Nothing here about research per se, but rather, how social networks have become a critical research tool for reaching hard-to-reach consumers − making this a must for our list.

2. Magic Town. This 1947 picture featured Jimmy Stewart as a failed opinion researcher who stumbles upon a small town that’s statistically identical to the entire country. He and his assistants go there to run polls cheaply, easily, and secretly – secretly, because if the townsfolk knew they were being polled, they would become self-conscious and change their answers – defeating the point of research entirely.

1. What Women Want? What a great gift to be able to read women’s thoughts, even if you had to drop a hairdryer in a bathtub and be electrocuted to get them. In this 2000 film, that’s what happens to an obnoxious ad exec played by Mel Gibson. Too bad this movie was done in 2000− today, asynchronous mobile video allows virtually the same insights without having to ruin a good hairdryer.

Green Revolution Spurs Growth of Philippines’ Air Conditioner Market in 2019: GfK Philippines

March 12, 2018, MANILA – Inverter air conditioners are slowly but surely gaining grounds in the developing economy of the Philippines, where consumers are predominantly still buying the traditional window type air-cons. In the recent 12 months, demand for inverter air-cons registered over a twofold surge from a year ago.
According to the latest retail audit report by GfK Philippines, the air-conditioner market grew by 12 percent in value, with consumers buying 424,000 units in the last 12 months. Much of the growth was contributed by significantly mounting sales from the single split type category, which is available both with and without inverter technology. Despite its higher price, the increasingly popular inverter type grew to now occupy 13 percent more of the total sales volume of single split air con.
“Greater public education and campaigns in environmental issues are bearing fruits as consumers in the Philippines are beginning to recognize the benefits of inverter technology,” commented Mr. Benny Villanueva, General Manager of GfK Philippines. “GfK findings are showing a consistent month on month upward sales trend of single split wall units—the second most popular type following window air-cons.”
With rising consumer adoption of the higher-end inverter technology air conditioners, average price of the appliance in the country has escalated correspondingly by nearly 15 percent. Air-con price on average has passed the USD500 mark to now cost USD567, as compared to last year’s USD496.
“The growing popularity of inverter air-cons can also be attributed to the keen competition among the expanding number of brands and models in the market, and manufacturers’ aggressive promotion of the advantages,” observed Mr. Villanueva. “And with the country having the most expensive electricity in the whole of Asia, discerning consumers understand the benefits that come with the higher price tag and have come to appreciate the long term savings that can be derived from with this energy efficient appliance.”

“With the relatively low penetration of inverter technology in households across the Philippines, a wealth of potential exists in the future of inverter air cons. We can expect to see continued strong growth in this product category, and expect
it to be the driving force behind the robust expansion of the overall air conditioner segment,” concluded Mr. Villanueva.
The GfK Group
GfK is one of the world’s largest research companies. 11,000 GfK experts are working to discover new insights about the way people live, think and shop, in over 100 markets, every day. GfK is constantly innovating to use the latest technologies and the smartest methodologies to give its clients the clearest understanding of the most important people in the world: their customers. In 2010, GfK’s sales amounted to EUR 1.29 billion.