P2Sample Engages Growth Consultant Kristin Luck with Vision for Future

International market research sample company focuses on technology, targeting and a programmatic approach – with an eye toward thoughtful growth

P2Sample, a technology-driven sample provider in the market research industry, has contracted with growth and marketing measurement expert, Kristin Luck. The company, which takes a programmatic approach to sample, engaged Luck in an advisory role to help them gain insight into industry best practices while continuing to focus on their strengths: sophisticated technology and project customization.

“Kristin is a visionary who loves, understands and appreciates technology, which is one of our core strengths and differentiators,” said Mathijs de Jong CEO of P2Sample. “We also think of ourselves as innovative and agile, making us a great fit tUnknown-1o work together. As we continue to grow, and set aggressive goals for our future, working with the right industry leaders – like Kristin – is increasingly important.”

P2Sample offers a robust international sampling practice, including multilingual and geo-specific profiling, that is highly targeted through the use of proprietary sampling technology. The company provides sample in hard-to-get areas that are becoming increasingly important to brand marketers, including: males; Hispanic and ethnic groups; Millennials and teens; and multinational audiences.

Luck will be assisting in guiding the firm by evaluating how current offerings, and future technology driven products and services, fit into a changing market research space- ultimately positioning the firm for rapid growth. De Jong continued, “Kristin sees P2Sample from a unique point of view while providing valuable insight that allows us to stay focused on the big picture.”

About P2Sample

P2Sample’s active member panel consists of 10+ million members worldwide. As one of the most sophisticated technology-driven sample providers in the Market Research industry, our strong aptitude for programmatic solutions allows us to fill each client’s specific needs. Through a deep understanding of sample – beyond simple delivery – P2Sample is able to get to the heart of the respondent’s needs and motivations to deliver higher engagement and response rates. We utilize proprietary sampling technology and provide sample in hard-to-get areas, including strong male, Hispanic/ethnic targets, millennials/teens and multinational audiences. P2Sample’s proprietary quality score system, top-notch security and superior respondent experience allow the delivery of first-rate sample.www.p2sample.com @p2sample

About Kristin Luck

Kristin Luck is a serial entrepreneur and a globetrotting internationally recognized keynote speaker on marketing measurement. She’s a futurist and growth hacking expert, specializing in nontraditional marketing and branding strategies, and regularly contributes to both the commercial (Fast Company, Forbes) and academic press (Research World, Journal of Brand Strategy) where she explores emerging marketing and research methods. Kristin is consistently ranked as one of the top 100 sales and marketing experts to follow on social media. She most recently served as a partner and President/CMO of Decipher until its acquisition in 2014 and currently works as a growth strategy consultant for early and mid-stage companies preparing for funding or acquisition.www.kristinluck.com @kristinluck