Nicequest App, the first mobile app that combines declarative and observational research


Nicequest App, the first mobile app that combines declarative and observational research

In just one week it has got 3,000 downloads from over 10 countries. And in 3 months, there are over 10,000 users who have downloaded the app on their smartphones.

Barcelona, April 07, 2015 – Netquest, online data collection specialist for the Latin American, Spanish and Portuguese market research industry, launches Nicequest App, the first mobile app in the world that captures consumers’ opinions through surveys, as well as their online navigation data, all from one single platform.

The development of this app has two objectives. On the one hand, it aims to improve the participation experience of Netquest´s online panels collaborators. The other main goal is to meet the industry´s demands in order to capture the consumers’ opinions along with their online behavior.

The new Netquest app is a faster and more convenient mobile solution for the participant. It allows the collaborators to answer surveys, have access to their incentives, manage their personal data and share both their online navigation information and their geolocation.

In addition, it provides the market researcher with a powerful tool to approach the new and increasingly interconnected consumer reality and to know in a more reliable way, their habits and consumption decisions.

According to Netquest’s Marketing Director, Carlos Ochoa, “this new app is a result of over 10 years of experience creating online panels together with the latest technology measuring the online behavior -provided by Wakoopa, the leader company in this field and part of Netquest´s group”.


About Netquest

Netquest is the leading online panel provider for the market research industry in Latin America, Spain and Portugal with more than 700,000 consumers willing to give their opinions in 21 countries. Netquest is a company that provides Fieldwork and Data Process services for all kinds of market research and opinion studies. The collaborators are recruited “by invitation only” in order to ensure representative sampling and reliable information; and they are managed locally to give a deeper understanding of local markets and researchers. Netquest is headquartered in Barcelona and has local offices in São Paulo, Mexico City,Santiago de Chile, Bogotá, Lisbon, Barcelona, Madrid and New York, all of them aiming to provide the highest quality services to the clients.