Blueocean Market Intelligence Announces New Release of LiNK Platform

Blueocean Market Intelligence Announces New Release of LiNK Platform, a Data Management Infrastructure that Bridges Gap Between Traditional Market Research Systems and Big Data

 Survey warehousing, flexible reporting among LiNK upgrades utilized by global brands to break out of primary market research silos

 June 25, 2015. Seattle – Global analytics and insights firm Blueocean Market Intelligence announced major upgrades today to LiNK, the industry’s only end-to-end software platform enabling enterprises to “link” big data with primary market research.

Utilized by Fortune 500 and 1000 companies worldwide, LiNK aggregates primary market research data that is typically siloed and seamlessly connects it to other sources, enabling integrated data analysis across brands, product lines, languages and geographies. As a result, companies can extract more meaningful insights that lead to better business performance.

The latest release has a more powerful reporting interface, improved visuals and a suite of new tools for connecting survey data to general analysis and business intelligence. Users have the capabilities to:

  • Upload all data into a single repository regardless of the agency or collection method
  • Report on individual surveys instantly and build connections over time, offering complete flexibility
  • Manage data from a few surveys or tens of thousands
  • Collaborate on analysis, reports and data connections with advanced multi-user features
  • Prepare data for use in business intelligence platforms, such as Tableau or Spotfire
  • Use the LiNK API to upload survey metrics into other systems within the business

“LiNK takes your primary research data and makes it accessible to all parts of your business, whether you need an executive dashboard or a complex data pull to an internal proprietary system,” said Mike Page, vice president of client services and technology for Blueocean Market Intelligence. “These enhancements help organizations become truly customer centric by providing an interactive and scalable platform for storing, integrating and reporting all your customer and market data.”

LiNK is ideal for technology, CPG, automotive companies and other operations with multiple locations, brands or product lines. It has been used by large multinationals and smaller local businesses alike. Page says all businesses can use LiNK to create an information eco-system and competitive advantage. “Most data exists in silos and in different formats that are not easy to integrate or analyze in a consistent way. As a result, many companies struggle to make fast and intelligent business decisions. LiNK changes that, by both bridging the data management and insights gap.”

To schedule a demo of LiNK and review a full list of features, visit the LiNK website. Blueocean Market Intelligence is also hosting a live webinar, “Putting Information at Your Fingertips,” on Thursday, July 9 from 9 to 10 a.m. PDT that explores the main features and benefits. To participate, register online.

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