Kinesis Launches Advanced Financial Reporting Tool

Kinesis Launches Advanced Financial Reporting Tool, Allows Panel Managers to Track Incentive Redemption.

Kinesis Survey Technologies LLC (Kinesis), today announced the launch of a new advanced reporting tool within Kinesis Panel™, the Advanced Financial Report. Using this new tools, panel managers can now quickly and easily track incentive redemption rates for online panels.

The Advanced Financial Report tracks points redeemed across multiple redemption sources as well as ongoing points liability. Panel managers can see their redemption rates in real-time as well as run retroactive reports to see trends over time.

“The Advanced Financial Report is a necessity for larger online panels that utilize a large number of incentive sources,” said Kinesis Managing Director, Tariq Mirza. “The report simplifies insight into popular sources for point redemption as well as alerts panel companies to their point liability rates, allowing them to better align their financial requirements.”

The Advanced Financial Report is the second in a series of cutting-edge reporting tools to become available within the Kinesis Panel™ platform this year. The firm previously launched the Recruitment Source Report as part of this series.

For more information, or to schedule a demo of Kinesis’ Advanced Financial Report, please contact your account representative or email:

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