Marketing Research Firm Expands to Latin America

Marketing Research Firm Expands to Latin America

Marketing research firm SKIM has opened two new offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and San José, Costa Rica. The new locations signal SKIM’s expansion into the Latin American market.

Marketing Research Firm Expands to Latin America

SKIM Expands to Latin America with Offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and San José, Costa Rica

With its new Latin American presence, SKIM will bring more than 30 years of global marketing research experience and know-how to locally based brands, as well as global brands with a presence in Latin America.

Juan A. Tello, director Americas for SKIM, will lead the Costa Rica office. Juliana Oliveira, market research director, Brazil, will lead the Rio de Janeiro office. Both Tello and Oliveira have extensive global and regional experience and have worked on the corporate, as well as the agency side of market research.

Marketing Research Firm in Latin America

“Latin America as a whole has enjoyed a decade of growth and has proven to be a resilient market despite the troubling global economic conditions,” said Tello. “With increasing requests from major multinationals and big local players to help them uncover market opportunities through advanced research, Latin America is the next logical step in our growth path. While SKIM is globally-oriented, we aim to be present and attuned to the local culture, language, and socio-economic reality of the markets we serve.”

SKIM most recently opened offices in San Francisco. The company also has offices in New York, London, Geneva and Rotterdam, where SKIM is headquartered.

“Like SKIM, Latin America is a region full of energetic and creative people – a perfect match to breed successful partnerships,” said Oliveira. “Our growing LATAM team consists of a mix of locally-based, global-minded market research experts, and SKIMmers who have worked in our other locations.

About SKIM

Founded in 1979, SKIM is a dynamic and rapidly growing market research agency with offices in New York, San Francisco, Rotterdam, Geneva and London. In 2013, two new offices opened in Rio de Janeiro and San José, Costa Rica. Combining market-specific expertise and knowledge of advanced research methodologies, SKIM is a valued partner for multinational companies in consumer packaged goods, healthcare, consumer health, telecommunications, technology and financial services. Leading companies around the globe rely on SKIM researchers for strategic guidance on pricing, communication and new product development.

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