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Mobile Surveys: SURVEY Magazine

Mobile Surveys: SURVEY Magazine

How History Helped Create the Current Conundrum: Breaking the paradigms of market research’s past.

Cultural trends and the high rate of smartphone adoption require a deeper understanding of our mobile world and how it impacts marketing research in the 21st century.  In order to lay out an enduring case for mobile in our world—specifically with the almighty survey—we have to methodically build a story one chapter at a time.  Let’s review the work that has helped usher in 2013. In doing so, we may be able to rewrite the future. But before beginning that task, we dug deep into market research’s past to figure out why the heck our industry crowned the 20-minute survey king.

With global smartphone penetration projected to reach between 60-70%in the next five years (Taipei Times, January 2013), the expectation of gathering information in a speedy fashion has impacted society’s willingness to devote a significant amount of time to any one task.  Yet researchers still spend a healthy amount of time trying to guide clients toward making pivotal decisions using data collected from lengthy, static, and linear online surveys.

In writing this article, we set out to answer the question – will mobile be the great enabler to help us move beyond the traditional market research survey?  But first we need to explore what got us here in the first place.

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