The MTM Fall 2015 Sneak Peek Report is Here!

The Media Technology Monitor (MTM), a research product of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC/Radio Canada), today announced the immediate release of its new Sneak Peek Report in a new online dashboard format.

The MTM Sneak Peek Report is being offered weeks ahead of its English- and French-language Media and Technology Adoption Reports as well as the most recent data set, which will all be available to subscribers in February.

The Sneak Peek explores three key findings and provides an inkling of what can be expected from the upcoming season.

For the first time, the MTM has partnered with Dapresy to provide a new and intuitive way of interacting with Sneak Peek data via its online dashboard.

From binge viewing to Canadian over-the-top (OTT) services to wearables, this interactive Dapresy report allows readers to dive into the MTM data.

Key findings from the Sneak Peek include the following:

  • OTT services have taken off in Canada. Nearly half (45 percent) of all TV viewers now use an OTT service such as Netflix, Shomi, Crave TV or Club Illico;
  • In an on-demand world, binge viewing continues to grow in popularity. In Fall 2015, 55 percent of Canadians did so;
  • More than 10 percent of Canadians have adopted a wearable device. Among owners, Fitbit takes the top spot.