Confirmit Horizons Delivers Deeper Insight and Greater Agility for Market Research

The latest evolution of leading solution answers complex market needs for deep dive analytics and faster response to feedback.

Confirmit has delivered a range of enhancements to its Horizons platform that enable customers to add richer context to the feedback they gather, perform advanced data analytics and run more agile Market Research (MR), Voice of the Customer (VoC) and Voice of the Employee (VoE) programs.

Existing users of Confirmit Horizons say the solution provides a competitive advantage for their businesses, citing its flexibility, extensive multi-channel capabilities and performance as key differentiators. With its latest developments, Confirmit Horizons adds greater value for organizations, driving deeper insight and allowing them to react more quickly to feedback and market changes.

Scott Jayes, Global Head of Customer Service at RS Components, explains: “Having the capability to consistently gather insight globally from our customers is critical to our continued success. This is our starting point, prioritizing and taking action to improve and innovate where customers tell us it matters most; our partnership with Confirmit is core to this. Confirmit Horizons enables us to integrate CRM and financial data with our VoC program, thus honing our insight further and taking action based upon solid foundations and ROI clarity.”

Using the new capabilities of Confirmit Horizons, customers can:

  1. Analyze feedback more deeply, in greater context – Confirmit SmartHubTM delivers enhanced mapping of multiple data sources, providing greater insight and context to feedback. This is critical to organizations running long-term studies such as MR tracking projects or VoC/VoE programs where small changes need to be made to reflect market changes or new program objectives. These enhanced mapping capabilities enable changes to be made to ongoing surveys without affecting reporting.
  2. Act faster thanks to advanced analytics – data from action management is now available in SmartHub, so users can create dashboards that correlate insights from solicited responses with insights into actions initiated to address specific respondent issues.
  3. Organizations running VoC, VoE or MR programs can now deliver a holistic view to better manage and react to key issues for the business as well as the respondent.
  4. Work faster and be more agile – a range of new features in Confirmit Horizons allows organizations to conduct MR, VoE and VoC programs more efficiently. These include the introduction of Confirmit CRM Connect for Salesforce, which provides a simplified way of integrating Salesforce with Horizons, and the addition of weighting to Instant Analytics, Confirmit’s out-of-the-box survey analysis tool, and the introduction of new workflow rules in Action Management to control when and how cases can be closed.

Terry Lawlor, EVP of product management at Confirmit, said: “Our evolutionary approach to development means we are continually enhancing our Confirmit Horizons solution, ensuring we can react to – and anticipate – changing market needs very quickly. Our latest capabilities are based on ongoing dialogue with our customers, all of whom have an increasing need to dive deeper into the feedback they gather, understand its wider context and take action where needed as swiftly as possible.”

Other core enhancements to the current solution designed to drive agility and in-depth analysis enable customers to:

  1. Improve call center quality control and productivity with many new CATI features, including distribution of audio and video call recordings for quality assessment, tighter quota controls, and improved productivity reporting
  2. Share insight instantly through scheduled PDF reports from Active Dashboards
  3. Easily email cases directly from Action Management, allowing users to manage and respond to individual cases immediately
  4. Link CustomerSat surveys to the power of Confirmit Horizons using the new Autosync capability.

These developments follow the introduction of CAPI for Android and the launch of a dedicated SaaS environment in Australiaearlier this year.