Dialsmith Releases New Features, Upgrades in Perception Analyzer Online®


Dialsmith Releases New Features, Upgrades in Perception Analyzer Online®

New tablet compatibility and ability to interface with other survey platforms open the door for new applications of online media dial testing tool

Portland, Ore. (March 25, 2015) — Today,  announced the release of new features and upgrades to its online survey and media dial testing tool, Perception Analyzer® Online (PA Online). The new capabilities add a whole new level of flexibility to the tool, enabling researchers to conduct testing on iPads and other tablets as well as use PA Online’s media (or dial) testing interface with their survey platform of choice. The new capabilities will be unveiled in a workshop Dialsmith is co-hosting with Invoke Solutions tomorrow (Thursday) at the Qual 360 North American Conference in Atlanta, Ga.

“PA Online’s media testing capabilities perfectly complement Invoke’s large-scale focus group platform,” said Kathy Alexander, vice president of research and insights for Invoke™, one of the first users of the product. “The real-time, moment-to-moment data we get from PA Online testing gives us unique insights that allow for more focused and valuable discussions and analysis. Our clients love it.”

“PA Online is simply the best online dial that I’ve ever seen, or have had the privilege of working with,” said Aaron Paquette, executive vice president, media and entertainment for Vision Critical, one of Dialsmith’s long-time clients. “PA Online is well-designed, easy for respondents to use, easy to integrate into Vision Critical’s Sparq platform, easy to see results, and delivers unparalleled insights into
creative content.”

Just released, this version of PA Online now offers these new benefits for researchers and their end-clients:

  • iPad and tablet compatibility
  • The option to use PA Online’s full, end-to-end survey services and capabilities or have
    PA Online’s media testing element interface with another survey platform of the researcher or end-client’s choosing
  • The option to add a “Take Action” button to the media testing exercise that would give participants the ability to indicate an action being taken—such as tune out, change channel or make a purchase
  • Built-in tier 1 video hosting (CDN) offers maximum video security and on-the-fly transcoding for optimal video format and resolution as well as improved streaming infrastructure
  • Dynamic, real-time reporting portal allows for customizable, moment-to-moment line charting, displays and data export

For more information about Dialsmith and the Perception Analyzer Online, visit www.dialsmith.com. For a demo of PA Online, visit here.

About the Perception Analyzer Online and Dialsmith

For more than 30 years, Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer dial testing tools have been the gold-standard for moment-to-moment testing of programming, advertising, presentations and messages in focus groups and other live settings. Building upon its expertise in continuous audience response, Dialsmith now offers Perception Analyzer Online, a full-featured online survey toolwith the unique benefit of allowing researchers to conduct online moment-to-moment “dial” testing of recorded media.

Dialsmith is the worldwide marketer, seller and service provider for Perception Analyzer, Perception Analyzer Online, ISX Scoring and Slidermetrix. Featured on CNN, FOX News, Food Network, ESPN X Games, The New York Times and used in more than 40 countries around the world, Dialsmith’s Perception Analyzer tools are the go-to solution for dial-based focus group testing, public opinion polling and audience engagement. To learn more, visit www.dialsmith.com.