Improve Your Loyalty Research Business Results By Better Planning, Execution and Deployment


Many customer loyalty initiatives fail due to poor front-end planning, poorly executed surveys or lack of effective back-end deployment. Customer Lifecycle, LLC helps you improve business outcomes by working together to build a solid foundation that will ensure:

  • Careful Planning – Clear understanding of objectives and readiness to take ownership of the results among key stakeholders and users at the planning stage.
  • Sound Execution – Experienced support for or execution of rigorous research focused on business loyalty problems during the research process.
  • Effective Deployment – Thorough integration of improved performance on customer needs into the fabric of the organization at the deployment stage.
  • Useful Measurement – Reliable performance metrics at the business outcomes stage.

In today’s competitive landscape, it’s not enough just to measure customer loyalty. Managing the stages of the customer lifecycle more effectively to improve loyalty and retention is what produces increased revenue and profits. Customer Lifecycle, LLC helps your company plan and conduct research to accurately identify and measure customer requirements for satisfaction, loyalty and retention at every stage of the relationship and to deploy and integrate customer requirements for performance into the processes and performance metrics of your organization.

Powerful loyalty research is an ongoing process, not just a survey. Improving your research business results requires careful upfront planning to ensure that the information will be understood and used by the people who need it. The research itself should be designed to provide both strategic and tactical insights into what matters most to your customers, with a degree of detail that gives you the diagnostics you need. Beyond reliable and accurate measurement, we work with you to align your customers’ performance requirements with improved value propositions, business processes and financial outcomes.

We have helped companies achieve measurable gains in revenue and market share through improved loyalty assessments and lifecycle management.  You benefit from flexible, customized planning and support for loyalty research studies that use practical and proven methodologies to measure your company’s performance relative to the competition and shows you how to translate customer requirements into better business results.

Create a customer-focused line of sight through your organization

Effective loyalty research brings the voice of the customer into your business decision-making process not only in marketing and sales, but also throughout your entire organization. You are able to create customer-focused alignment for employees and managers alike. The application of a proven 5-step process provides insight and understanding that enables you to secure the greatest return on your research and marketing investments. We work with you to ensure that the process works as it should, regardless of who conducts the research.

1)  Organization Alignment

Our team partners with your planning team to ensure research consistency with corporate strategy, brand strategy, value proposition deployment, information needs, objectives and marketing communications. Understanding and buy-in of key functional stakeholders are facilitated and their information requirements and uses are defined. This ensures that the results of the research and analyses are actionable and useful at the action-planning and deployment stage.

2)  Qualitative Assessment

It is imperative that the customers identify the attributes and issues that are important to them since this is what needs to be measured over time.  A thorough loyalty research process should begin with a review of past research, process outputs and performance standards.  Internal qualitative research with your managers and front-line employees in conjunction with external qualitative research with your customers to identify critical attributes needs to be conducted. This identifies gaps between what the company and customer each believe to be important.

3)  Quantitative Assessment and Modeling

The survey must be designed to measure the relative importance of and your competitive performance on customer-defined issues with a degree of granularity that makes it possible to develop focused action plans, Consideration should be given to an employee mirror of the customer survey administered internally to identify gaps between customer perceptions and perceptions within your organization.  Outputs include, but are not limited to, stated and derived drivers of loyalty, performance thresholds for goal setting, and unique predictive customer segments.  Simulation models can be developed to create “what if” scenarios that reflect the effect of performance improvements on loyalty and ultimately how these effects change your revenue, market share and profitability.

4)  Action Implementation

Our senior loyalty consultants work with your organization to ensure that business plan value propositions are consistent with what customers want and are willing to pay.  We work with you to develop value offerings that are fully consistent with measured customer requirements for loyalty and retention.  We assist your organization in multiple facets of action implementation and deployment that will result in the research being assimilated into the organization for maximum market impact.

5)  Ongoing Monitoring

Results must be tracked at regular intervals as defined by your industry and competitive landscape to determine the effect of customer-focused improvements on perceptions of performance relative to the competition.  This phase provides the marketplace feedback necessary to drive changes in action-planning and deployment.

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