Kinesis Survey Technologies and SHC Universal Collaborate on Project Management Dashboard

Advanced tool allows panel managers to effectively deliver on projects.

Kinesis Survey Technologies LLC (Kinesis), and SHC Universal today announced the availability of a Project Management Dashboard within Kinesis Panel™. The advanced management tool, which was developed with guidance from SHC Universal, offers a centralized view of key metrics for each open research project, enhancing management tracking and reporting by increasing the number of projects that can be actively and effectively managed simultaneously.

“Working with SHC Universal, we recognized the need for a consolidated means to manage multiple projects and campaigns concurrently from a single summary location,” said Kinesis Co-founder and CTO, Juha Vehnia. “With the release of the Project Management Dashboard, we have effectively streamlined the process of running multiple projects fielding at the same time by allowing users to see vital project statistics in a single view, and acting on those that are the most urgent at any given time.”

Some examples of key metrics include:
• Red alert flag (indicator for potential fielding issue)
• Percent complete (calculated from all campaign completes)
• Target number of completes (aggregate from all campaigns)
• Budget Percentage (percentage of points budget spent across all campaigns)
• Hours remaining to field

As an added benefit, shortcuts within the Project Management Dashboard allow users to move between campaigns and the larger project overview with one-click from anywhere.

CTO and President of SHC Universal, Keith Strassberg, comments, “The Dashboard is a great enhancement to the Kinesis Panel™ platform. We are already seeing greater efficiency and streamlined delivery to our clients. We selected Kinesis Survey Technologies as a premier partner years ago and look forward to continued collaboration.”

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