Mobile Ethnography


New product takes researchers into the nooks and crannies of consumer life

mobile Ethnography

For years, researchers have yearned for an effective way to look unobtrusively into the lives of research participants, to be “in the moment” with them as they walked through their home illustrating their daily lives and habits during research ethnographies.

Today, that became possible.  And the richness of detail in the insights gained in those studies will be almost unlimited.

U.S. market research technology firm 20│20 Research has launched its In-Home Mobile Ethnography™, a new product extension of its QualMeeting™ real-time webcam interviewing tool.  The service uses mobile Smartphones to move the online research session away from the computer and into the rich details of the lives of research participants, providing far more contextual insight than previously available with face-to-face research.

“We’ve made it incredibly easy for researchers to literally go with respondents anywhere mobile can go to gain greater understanding for a study,” said Jim Bryson, CEO and founder, 20|20 Research.  “If the researcher wants to look under eleven sinks in seven states all in the same day while asking individualized questions about what they see, they can.  This mobile ethnography tool will now provide much more discerning information about the habits of research participants.”

The new tool employs streaming video from the respondent’s mobile phone to allow moderators and researchers to see exactly how the respondent lives.  In a one-on-one interview, the moderator has the ability to ask on-the-fly questions about what they see, yielding greater knowledge about what participants think, do and feel.

“A huge benefit of ethnos as a mobile option is the cost and time savings,” Bryson continued.  “Travel time is eliminated and incentives are dramatically reduced.  Plus, respondents no longer need to be in close proximity; they can be spread across time zones and better represent the market. What used to be a logistical maze should become a breeze for a moderator and a goldmine of information for a marketer.  Now researchers simply log onto their computer and ask questions while watching the video stream. “

Last month, the firm launched its next generation QualMeeting 2.0 internet-based video interviewing service, further increasing the speed and effectiveness of global interviewing for qualitative researchers

About 20│20 Research

A market research technology and services firm based in Nashville, Tennessee, 20│20 Research has pioneered online qualitative research techniques for researchers around the world.  The company was named by GreenBook Research Industry Trends to the Top Ten Most Innovative Research Firms in the World list in both 2011 & 2012.  The firm currently has clients and projects in more than 65 countries.