SSI in Cooperation with Imperium Launch Real Answer


SSI, in partnership with Imperium, today announced the launch of Real Answer™, an automated solution designed to help companies achieve a higher-degree of confidence in their data by improving the authenticity and quality of open-ended survey responses.  It is the first and only technology of its kind in the industry.  Real Answer is available now in the United States with plans to rollout to other countries in May.

“Real Answer is another innovation from SSI in our relentless pursuit and commitment to data quality and fraud prevention,” said SSI’s Chief Access, Supply and Engagement Officer Bob Fawson.  “No one besides SSI offers this technology today.  By rolling out this new functionality, our clients benefit by saving time and money by preventing undesirable respondents from registering or completing surveys.”  Using Real Answer in its welcome surveys enables SSI to reduce the amount of bad open ends by catching these people during the registration process.

Real Answer evaluates open-ended survey responses against several critical factors and determines the significance of those factors.  A Real Answer score of 0 to 100 is then generated based on the quality of the response given.  The numeric Real Answer score is provided along with an indication of which factors contributed to the score.

“We’re dedicated to supporting the data quality needs of the market research industry and are thrilled to have partnered with SSI to develop Real Answer,” said Marshall Harrison, founder and CEO of Imperium.

This technology detects participants who answer with gibberish, inappropriate language, and pasted or robotic responses.  It also can determine engagement by evaluating an answer with reference to the length of response as compared to other answers to the same question.  Results are in real time with no interruption to user experience or automated redirection of users.  A cloud-based solution, Real Answer does not require dedicated hardware or infrastructure.

“Real Answer identifies poor quality open-end data in the panelist registration process and profiles, allowing SSI to better manage panelists,” explained Fawson.  “This new technology will identify and remove unwanted respondents.  And SSI goes a step further by providing tips to approved respondents about how to improve their open-ended answers.

“SSI chose Imperium to develop this product given its industry leadership in this technology and shared vision of delivering the highest quality data, service and value to our clients,” concluded Fawson.

Imperium is an established leader in fraud prevention and identity validation solutions designed to help businesses achieve high-level data integrity and comply with industry regulations.  For more than 10 years, respected companies have been relying on Imperium’s comprehensive suite of technological services to accurately verify self-reported personal information and restrict fraudulent online activities.  For more information visit

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