TNS Opens for Business in Myanmar

TNS today received a licence to operate in Myanmar (Burma). TNS has been helping clients to build an understanding of the market since sanctions lifted in 2012, and is now the first international consumer insights consultancy to secure a license to officially conduct business in the country.

TNS Myanmar will be led by Jason Copland, who has over 18 years consumer insight experience – including 10 years in Myanmar. Jason joined TNS in October 2012 and has established a full service team – client service, fieldwork, operations and qualitative – based in Yangon. He will report to Ralf Matthaes, Regional Managing Director of TNS Indochina and Myanmar.

Chris Riquier, CEO, TNS Asia Pacific said, “Myanmar is one of Asia’s last untapped frontiers. With a population of over 60 million people, it presents a significant growth opportunity for many of our Asian and global clients”.

To help clients rapidly build an understanding of this newest of markets, TNS has conducted the largest ever consumer study in Myanmar, based on interviews with 11,000 people in 12 locations across the country. This syndicated study offers an in-depth perspective on attitudes and preferences of people at a category and brand level.

“Myanmar consumers have a keen interest in the outside world and a growing exposure to it through media,” says Jason Copland. He continued, “However, there are unique attitudes and a real polarisation of wealth that creates a dichotomy for marketers, which we are helping our clients to unravel.”

Ralf Matthaes, Regional Managing Director of TNS Indochina and Myanmar added, “I’m delighted to formalise our business in Myanmar. We have a strong heritage of helping clients grow their business across Indochina and this experience will greatly benefit our clients in Myanmar.”

Chris Riquier will be discussing key insights from recent work in Myanmar during ESOMAR Asia Pacific, Ho Chi Minh City, 7-9 April 2013.