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Fulcrum Launches Exchange Quality Program

New source evaluation process provides increased transparency & verification of global suppliers.


NEW ORLEANS, LA (January 28, 2015) – Fulcrum, the online Sample Industry’s only Demand Side Platform (DSP) and open exchange, announced today the rollout of the Exchange Quality Program —a transparent sample source evaluation process of all Fulcrum Exchange suppliers. Beginning in February 2015, Fulcrum customers will have the ability to easily verify and certify Exchange suppliers.

In 2014, the Fulcrum Exchange experienced 120% growth in volume with more than 1.35MM automated exchange completes in the fourth quarter alone. To meet the rapidly growing global demand, Fulcrum Exchange will continue to add and integrate new sample sources around the world.

“As a result of breakthrough growth on the Exchange over the past 12 months, source verification has become a necessity for our customers to conduct business,” said Patrick Comer, CEO of Fulcrum’s parent company, Federated Sample. “Transparency and trust are paramount when building a successful marketplace.  As the number of buyers and sellers rapidly scales, it’s vital that an Exchange foster a safe environment for both sides of the buy-sell equation.  The Exchange Quality Program provides buyers with objective and consistent quality measurements, further bolstering confidence in purchasing decisions with the increasing number of global suppliers.”

Fulcrum has partnered with third-party consultant DM2 as well as received guidance from some of the Industry’s leading sample buyers, including GfK and Hall & Partners, in the creation of a standardized 10-minute benchmarking questionnaire. All existing and new U.S. suppliers will participate in the Exchange Quality Program this quarter. Beginning in the second quarter of 2015, Fulcrum will expand the Exchange Quality Program to include international suppliers.  Data collected will include standard demographics, lifestyle and outlook, shopping and behavioral segments, and many “gold standard” benchmark questions allowing measurement to widely accepted industry norms.

Michael McCrary, President of Fulcrum Exchange states, “With access to objective information and technology-enabled connections on Fulcrum, Industry buyers now have the tools to optimize their supply chain management.”

To learn more about the Fulcrum Exchange Quality Program, click here to register for our Fulcrum Learning Opportunity on Thursday, January 29, 2015.

About Fulcrum

Relentless in the pursuit to help customers increase operating margins, Fulcrum pioneered the industry’s first and only Demand Side Platform (DSP) and open exchange. The goal is simple – increase automation and provide greater transparency to help both buyers and sellers make more informed and effective business decisions. To learn more about Fulcrum, visit

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