Kantar Selects 20/20 Research For Online Qualitative Research Worldwide

Partnership brings latest interviewing platform to all 12 Kantar operating companies


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (August 19, 2014)  — Kantar, one of the world’s largest insight, information and consultancy groups, has chosen U.S.-based market research technology and services firm, 20|20 Research, to deliver live online interview streaming research capabilities to the global researcher and its 12 worldwide operating companies.

The agreement builds on an existing working relationship between the two companies and broadens 20|20’s platforms — especially its QualBoard and QualMeeting tools — as well as its  training and executional support services throughout Kantar.

With this partnership, 20|20 Research is now providing online qualitative services to a majority of the top 10 research agencies worldwide.

“Our experience delivering online research technology and tech support to clients around the world was one of the key factors in this for Kantar,” said Jim Bryson, founder and CEO of 20|20 Research.  “Online digital research continues to grow as a superior tool that makes it more advantageous and cost-effective to implement qualitative research online.  We’ll be helping  Kantar save money as they provide far richer insight and intelligence to their customers.”

20|20’s QualBoard and QualMeeting unite the experience of real-time in-person focus groups with the convenience, cost-savings and broad reach of online research.  The platforms have proven valuable for gaining the opinions of professionals (physicians, CEOs, ultra high net worth individuals) who have little time and can’t be enticed by customary incentive fees.  The two also are eliminating research costs like travel, hotels, facilities and logistics and increasing a study’s geographic reach and diversity.

“This is an exciting time to be in qualitative research as the growth of digital and mobile services in the last several years has caused an expansion of digital data collection capabilities available to qualitative market researchers,” said Susan Roth, vice president of Qualitative at TNS NA, one of Kantar’s 12 specialist companies.  “Mastering these tools enables us to gain new insights into the lives of the participants, to gain context and to make those human connections that are so vital to true understanding and to helping our clients succeed. And it is only when we make those connections and understand the context, that we have the chance to add real value for our clients.”

Rakesh Kumar, chairman, Millward Brown’s Global Qualitative Board, Africa/Middle East, Asia, Pacific, agrees.

“At Firefly, we actively use online/digital technology to reveal authentic and actionable consumer insights for brand building,” Kumar said.  “Digital allows us to enhance the conversations we have with people in their real context (i.e. in their homes, while shopping, at work) and truly connect with people to expand the scope, scale, and efficiency of qualitative research. It is all about living with the consumers in-the-moment”