InContext Introduces ShopperMX™

The First Web-Based Shopper Platform to Simulate Product, Shelf, Store, Merchandising and Marketing Concepts, so Manufacturers and Retailers Can Anticipate How New Ideas Will Perform before Investing

InContext Solutions has introduced the first web-powered virtual shopping platform that supports an end-to-end in-store concept development process—from generating new ideas to evaluating their viability to implementing them in the market.  With ShopperMX, manufacturers and retailers can integrate new ideas in an exact replica of the in-store environment—and collaborate in real time with partners around the world to share, validate and perfect their vision.  They can see their concepts in action—in the store—before they go to market.  Therefore, they significantly reduce the investment risk around launches.

“Whether you’re looking at a product, shelf, category or the entire store, creating new retail experiences that drive sales is a critical but challenging process,” says Mark Hardy, CEO of InContext.  “ShopperMX overcomes the traditional concept development hurdles, with a unique, web-driven approach that lets internal and external teams easily share up-to-date information—seeing the same concepts at the same time to develop and execute a unified vision.  Everyone can visualize ideas exactly as they will appear in store—and contribute to building and perfecting those concepts to deliver optimal sales, right from day one of launch.  Providing a real-world simulation that duplicates the retail experience, ShopperMX slashes the time, cost and logistical complexity of introducing new concepts and strategies.”

To ensure accurate insights into launch performance, Shopper MX includes a range of tools and metrics that provide information on shoppers’ thoughts, attitudes and decision process.  Visual Attention Analyses explain what attracts shoppers’ eyes and influences their actions.  Then behavioral and attitudinal measures pinpoint the leading concepts that deliver sales results.

ShopperMX Supports the Full Concept Development Process

Shopper MX supports and streamlines the entire concept development process—from ideation to evaluation to activation.  It provides a fully-integrated approach that empowers companies to:

  • Generate ideas, and collaborate to refine them.  With drop and drag tools, users can move store aisles, change category adjacencies or reformat planograms.   In addition, they can import artwork to create and place new marketing signage on the fly.
  • Test and evaluate concepts to inform decisions.   Shopper MX lets stakeholders incorporate data to validate concepts…understand eye tracking patterns with Visual Attention heat maps…and evaluate sales performance using behavioral and attitudinal shopper metrics.  Then it allows users to visualize changes with color blocking and integrated analytics.
  • Share concepts, and activate plans.  Developers can download snapshots and videos directly from ShopperMX and email them to stakeholders to ensure compliance.  In addition, they can export new concepts and integrate them with shelf planning tools.


ShopperMX Is Designed for Today’s Global, on-the-Move World

ShopperMX was created for collaboration around the world—and on-the-go. Its web-based platform lets users share their screens, email images or create videos to support global teamwork and decision making.

“ShopperMX fully supports anytime, anywhere collaboration,” according to Hardy.  “Users can demonstrate their ideas on tablets or PCs when they are on the road—or create powerful large-screen presentations with they are in the boardroom.  In addition, with its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, ShopperMX lets users log in from any place in the world, from any web accessible device.  There are no costly technology infrastructure investments, lengthy waits for deployment or extra costs for special hardware or IT resources.  Plus, our unique platform gives users the flexibility to tailor concepts for specific retail experiences—and customize their vision to the unique needs of every target audience.”

About InContext Solutions…

Founded in 2009, InContext is an award-winning shopper and retail solutions company committed to revolutionizing how real-world simulations can deliver unique insights to drive more effective decisions.  With the first web-powered 3D shopping platform, it provides the only global virtual store solution that powers the entire concept development process—from creation to implementation—with actionable insights that give both retailers and manufacturers a competitive advantage.  Recently named the ninth fastest-growing privately-held technology company, InContext also was recognized as among “America’s Most Promising Companies” by Forbes in 2009 and featured as a “Cool Vendor” by Gartner in 2011.

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