Jibunu Launches MAT – Message Analysis Tool – to Improve Qualitative Process

Jibunu (http://www.jibunu.com), a full-featured marketing and research technology firm, expands their suite of Qualitative products with the release of MAT, a Message Analysis Tool that simplifies card sort exercises in moderated message testing.

MAT was inspired by clients who wanted to accommodate individual to large group interviews for card sort exercises where participants are to winnow down messages and flow them into a story. Jibunu used their flexible data collection technology to create a customizable tool to facilitate this common – but sometimes challenging – qualitative process.

MAT consists of various exercises that can be combined, repeated, and modified to meet the needs of qualitative researchers. If a process requires a specific exercise or setup that MAT doesn’t natively include, Jibunu can develop that component to add to the tool.

Jibunu utilizes drag and drop technology to let participants move messages into categorical buckets. Participants can also rank messages and order them by preference to provide additional insight. At the end of the exercise, respondents are able to create a story from their favorite messages. This provides researchers with a quick, cohesive view of the messages that resonate.

With MAT, messages can also be conveyed in formats other than text. Exercises may incorporate images, advertisements, concepts, and other stimuli to increase engagement. MAT can test these elements separately or combine them into a comprehensive mixed mode study.

MAT not only improves the flow and efficiencies of the interview process but gives unprecedented backend control over the content of the exercises. Because MAT can dovetail with any existing process, Jibunu can tailor the stimuli display to complement any method and even incorporate backroom visibility and control.

Says Ken Berry, President of Jibunu, “MAT adds tremendous agility and functionality to this fundamental qualitative process. MAT is a great addition to our family of qualitative offerings.”