Marketing Research – Civicom Launches Marketing Research Company Page on LinkedIn

Civicom Launches LinkedIn Company Page

Civicom Marketing Research Services announces the launch of its LinkedIn company page. With this move, Civicom Marketing Research Services aims to further enhance its potential to reach more people through LinkedIn’s ability to reach wide audiences of interest. The tools offered through LinkedIn’s Company Page Service offers opportunities to build new relationships and showcase business capabilities with interested parties.

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Civicom Launches Marketing Research Company Page on LinkedIn
Civicom Launches Marketing Research Company Page on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Company Page

LinkedIn makes it easy for companies and business organizations to tap into and be seen by an active and expanding network of members. The LinkedIn Company Page is a great marketing solution because it can provide essential information about a member company in an easily customizable format. The service’s “Overview tab” can be configured to give visitors a preview of a business’ existing website. It is flexible enough so that text and graphic links can be inserted and thus serve as jumping off points for potential traffic to a company’s actual home page.

Aside from providing an overview, the LinkedIn Company Page can be set up to showcase the products and services that a company has to offer, as well as its current job openings. There is even an “Analytics Tab” so that visiting LinkedIn members are able to view relevant statistics about the company. According to LinkedIn, companies can use analytics to find out who is visiting their page, who is attracted to their company, and what visitors and followers are interested in learning about their organization. Companies can use these insights to hone their messages, drive more traffic to their pages, and to create new leads and customers.

LinkedIn – Using the Power of Networks

According to LinkedIn, company pages allow businesses to ‘spread the word’ about products and services, and provide updates on new initiatives by easily posting status updates, company news or offers, by starting a conversation around a hot topic, or through sharing an interesting article or video. By setting up its own LinkedIn Company Page, Civicom is able to further its efforts in promoting its innovative marketing research tools and services on a grander scale. With the LinkedIn Company Page, employees, affiliates, suppliers, plus present and future clients, are able to refer a particular company to others within the network. Such recommendations offer a business organization a way to connect with potential clients.

Follow Civicom marketing Research Services LinkedIn Company Page by accessing this link. To learn more about Civicom Marketing Research, interested parties may dial +1-203-413-2423.