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Civicom Brings Audio Technology to 96 Countries – Almost Anywhere Globally

Civicom Marketing Research took the floor to showcase the process of how it is possible to conduct a mobile qualitative research study almost anywhere on the globe at Marketing Research in the Mobile World (MRMW) North America in Minneapolis, MN on July 18th. The presentation titled “Running a Qualitative Mobile Study In 96 Countries – Almost Anywhere Globally” featured the story of how Civicom’s unique system using audio recording technology to capture respondent sentiment makes it possible to gather insights from virtually any group of people, on virtually any topic, simultaneously, almost anywhere in the world, whether it be a business-to-consumer or business-to-business points of view.

Civicom Brings Audio Technology to 96 Countries

Civicom Brings Audio Technology to 96 Countries

Why do consumers make the choices they make? Why do they prefer one brand over the other? Why do they reject one design and choose another? Why is an ad compelling or not compelling?  Civicom showed how the key to marketing is “why,” and therefore why mobile qualitative research produces the deeper insights that are needed to answer the “whys” that drive business.

Civicom showed how through their proprietary mobile qualitative tools, clients can gain access to 96 countries with local, country-by-country toll free numbers, enabling a multi-country study immediately and simultaneously in almost any language. Anyone who knows how to make a phone call can participate in a Civicom mobile qualitative research study. The power behind this is audio recording technology and a support system to enable almost immediate client access to all of the material generated by the respondents. Clients are then able to listen to the recordings, as well as to read them via verbatim transcript. In a matter of moments, it is possible to become aware of the sentiment felt by almost anyone globally…and apply it to a business problem.  It’s a small, small world, after all.

As Civicom explained, mobile qual becomes a tool that can be used for almost any kind of study because it drives information in almost any situation.  Mobile qual gets respondents talking, it conveys emotional sentiment, and it gives context to the respondent experience.  Clients learn what the experience was as it happened. Clients get insights they don’t get after the fact – instead, the insights are captured right in the moment.

The MRMW presentation was led by Rebecca West, VP of Marketing Research Services for Civicom.  Rebecca established and leads the company’s marketing research services practice. Rebecca is a specialist in applying mobile research technology in research and business strategy. She is on the Board of the Mobile Marketing Research Association (MMRA).

Civicom is a leader in serving the marketing research community with advanced virtual communications solutions, with a strong industry presence in facilitating IDIs, Focus Groups (CyberFacility™), Online Bulletin Boards (Chatterbox®), InSitu® Mobile Qualitative Research and Pinterest. Civicom offers a proprietary Transcription System (TranscriptionWing™), Translation, Qualitative Text Analytics , Sentiment Analysis, and Recruiting Services(CiviSelect™). Their Global Expertise allow them to deliver advanced marketing research services worldwide in almost every country.

The Mobile Marketing Research Association (MMRA) is a global organization that seeks to promote and enhance the standards of market research as applied to mobile platforms. Civicom is a corporate member of MMRA and is one of its founding members.

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