New consulting boutique, Culture Engineers, founded by Ashley Walker

Culture Engineers, which works with companies on developing organisational culture as a principle source of competitive advantage, has launched today.

Ashley Walker, Founder and CEO, commented: “According to studies, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. It’s time businesses got serious about organisational culture. In times of change, it is even more important and many times ignored or overlooked.”

She continued: “At Culture Engineers, we believe great brands and businesses are built from the inside out. Your people are your most important asset and greatest brand ambassadors, so by looking after your company culture and putting your people first, you will have a stronger business. Communication, of course, is the glue that holds it all together.”

Some of the services offered by Culture Engineers include advising clients on internal and external communications strategy, employee experience and employer branding, and developing organisations’ shared vision, values, and rollout plans.

Culture Engineers has a team of management, communications, branding, and people consultants, and specialises in working with fast growing companies and supporting companies through change.

Over her career, Ashley has developed internal and external communication and marketing plans for start-ups and mature global businesses, and has a passion for inside out brand development. She has managed communications and change through several acquisitions (and subsequent integrations), CEO transitions, new strategy roll-outs, re-branding, and global HQ relocations.

About Culture Engineers

Culture Engineers is a global team of management, communication, branding, and people consultants.
Using its Culture CircleTM, the company works with clients on building great brands and businesses from the inside out. Services include vision and

strategy workshops, values definition workshops, internal communications strategy and execution, marketing communications strategy and execution, and branding and design. Culture Engineers is headquartered in London, but serves clients globally.